Tuesday, June 30, 2009
got this from popsugar's beauty blog, bella sugar...given how yellowish my poor chompers looked in the NYC pics from a few weeks ago, I figure I better get on it.

  • Break out the Arm & Hammer. "Baking soda should be used alone on a damp toothbrush or mixed with toothpaste to neutralize the salty taste," Dr. Sands says.
  • Get chewin'. Dr. Sands recommends chomping down on chewing gum that has xylitol, a sugar-free sweetener. Chew it immediately after ingesting stain-causing food or beverages (red wine, coffee, and so forth) to keep stains at bay. The increased saliva protects your teeth before stains can set in. What's more, this kind of gum can actually help, not harm teeth. "An added benefit is that xylitol has been shown to help prevent decay," Dr. Sands says.
  • Hit the market. In addition to avoiding stain-causing foods, seek out strawberries, which brighten teeth. Just slice one and rub it directly on your teeth. "Strawberries contain natural teeth whitening agents," Dr. Sands says. "It is very important to brush with toothpaste immediately afterward, as strawberries also contain sugar and acids."***
  • Concoct your own brushing blend. "Mix baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, salt, and toothpaste for an inexpensive whitening toothpaste," Dr. Sands says.
  • Rinse well. Dr. Sands recommends a fluoride rinse such as Act Restoring rinse to strengthen teeth while keeping them sparkling.

***I WILL NEVER DO THIS STEP. Strawberries taste like garbage. If you, like most people (and most of my silly, silly friends) read this and say "WHA!? Strawberries are AMAZING AND YOU ARE A HORRIBLE PERSON FOR HATING THESE!" I respond, "Dear filthy garbage eater. I am sorry you take personal offense because I hate eating things that taste rotten. Good day." And then you respond, "OMG, rude! You obviously haven't had good strawberries, you've just had legitimately rotten ones and you think that's what they all taste like!!!!" And then I say, "No, no. Trust. I have had every type of garbageberry out there and they are all sickening. It's not my problem that you like to eat mushy, sour/overly sweet, yucky fruit." And you say, "Fine. You're a freak." And I say, "FINE. Be gone!!!!"

And then the doctors come and remove the straight jacket for arts and crafts hour.

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bands I am seeing live in the coming months!! weee!!

wilco (ok, already saw them last Saturday, but still)

okkervil river

ra ra riot

death cab for cutie

pet shop boys

and, of course, KYLIE!!!!

AHH! cannot wait!


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Friday, June 26, 2009

love these clutches AND they're custom made when you order AND can be monogrammed AND are only $38!



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Monday, June 22, 2009
they're so tacky, that they're sort of amazing. I want to start collecting various vintage paint by number paintings. I love the bright colors and vintage frames.

OK, maybe this last one is a bit much.

all found on etsy and ebay

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back from NYC (unfortunately) and in a deep-missing-Manhattan-depression. I wish I could live there. wah.

eeek. that is as close to a full pic I have ever put up here. SO scary, but I couldn't figure out a way to not include my eyes and include the bangs. whatever.

so here are my eyeballs. and freckles (yucko). and new bangs (yay!)

a little better of a pic, with horrific MS paint style cover up techniques. I know, I am a technology/photography genius.

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Friday, June 12, 2009
so, while I plot and plan my trip to NYC this coming week (I leave tomorrow, get back the following Saturday, weeee!), map out my vintage/thrift stores I want to hit up and made a hair cut appointment courtesy of advice from Miss Jessica of What I Wore (thank you, ma'am!), I am working my buns off.

I am going to NYC for an event next Wednesday that my co-worker/friend Gravy Train plan each year for our company. it is a blast but SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS to coordinate each year. regardless, it gives me an excellent opportunity to go to NYC, which I love dearly (wish I could move there).

ANYWAY, I digress. something I really want for my summer jewelry wardrobe (which always includes lots of gold hoops and bangles and LOTS of vintage turquoise, I am such a sucker for turquoise jewelry), is a necklace with a geode on it.

I saw this one from Nordstrom in their catalog this week and thought, "hm, self. I bet etsy or other sites have great offerings as well, and maybe for less $$, you bargain hunting minx, you."

turns out, they do.
(but I also included some expensive items because they are just too beautiful not to)

Add Imagethe original Nordstrom necklace that inspired me to find something similar...even though this one isn't all that expensive (and I love how it is on a very long chain)

this necklace is just gorgeous, but expensive.

pretty, and I could always add more charms to the chain

also pretty, but I would prefer it in gold instead of silver

really close to the original Nordstrom necklace, but only $10!

does anyone want to buy me this bracelet?! I will give you a huge hug. thanks!

these rings are pretty fantastic (and great weapons if ever caught in street fight for any reason)

this may be geode overkill. hm.

if not, then this one DEFINITELY is, haha. I bet they make really pretty sounds though when the clink against each other.

I will share pics from NYC and my new haircut as soon as I can next week!

xo d

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for some reason, I just love this.*

*you're going to have to click on it to fully read it.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009
my grandmother had this fabulous chunky, tarnished gold charm bracelet that my mom got custody of once she passed away. I have always wanted to wear it, but my mom made me swear to not lose it (which, given my social commitments, which involved drinking too much far too often, I can't really trust myself to do 100%), and it is also a little too big for my proportions (I am only 5' tall, my grandmother was 5'10").

that said, I LOVE charms, and often string a zillion on a chain or layer chains with various pendants on them for a similar effect. but, I still want a charm bracelet that is not too expensive, not too precious (in the event I do lose it), and not too big.

here are some that I have found:

all those above the first line are vintage found on etsy or ebay

as for the rest:

betsy johnson charm bracelets, first and second
vintage dead stock bracelet from day-lab
marc by marc jacobs bracelet, to add your own charm collection to
bracelet with shield charms, only $14!
a modern take on the charm bracelet, with orange cord

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